Diets may help with short term weight loss, but ultimately most people gain the weight they lose back, and then some! This is because dieting uses up our willpower reserves and we end up over eating the foods that were once "off-limits." Additionally, diets can make social events uncomfortable and anxiety provoking if you do not have the "perfect" food choices available. The key to lasting and sustainable weight loss is forming new healthy diet and lifestyle habits that stick. 

How I Help:

  •  ​Together we develop small, achievable goals that will lead to new diet and lifestyle habits that will allow you to achieve lasting weight loss and better health.  

  • I help you to come up with practical tools to overcome barriers you face (emotional eating, boredom eating, those cookies at work, etc).

  • I offer kitchen and pantry makeovers where I will educate you on how on the current foods you have stocked in your home is affecting your health. I will also help you build a virtual shopping cart to stock your home with all the foods you will need to succeed. 

  • Need a workout partner? Take one of our sessions for a walk outside where we can help you get your steps in for the day. 

  • Ultimately I provide you with the nutrition education, support, and all of the practical tools that you will need to succeed for lasting results. ​  

I provide in-home and office sessions to NYC and nearby residents, and virtual sessions to people everywhere.

I offer a free phone consultation to discuss your goals, our package options, and determine how I can help. 

   Providing both virtual and  in-person office sessions 

 New York, NY 

Email: michele@nutritionwithmichele.com